The Executive Influence Presentations Training Program

Executive Influence Through High-Stakes Presentation Techniques

For When You MUST Nail that Mission-Critical Presentation!

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High-stakes presentations require more than just basic public speaking skills and great looking slides. They require professional-level delivery techniques and the mindset and confidence to deliver at the highest level in any business setting.

In this 2-part program you’ll discover how to connect, engage, influence and persuade any audience, all without the use of a single slide. You’ll discover mindset and belief patterns that may be limiting your power when you speak or present.  You’ll also be given the tools you need to reverse those limiting and costly mindset patterns and you’ll have the opportunity to be personally coached to refine your delivery.

Part one is a two-day intensive training program containing advanced professional speaking techniques and mindset strategies which have been proven around the world.

Part two is a one-day intensive coaching program where you will present at least twice while being personally coached in order to apply the techniques learned in part one and master your delivery skills.

This program focusses on YOU; the presenter…not your slides.


This program is for the leader or influencer who needs the skills and the belief to absolutely nail that next mission-critical and high-stakes presentation:

  • Business owners,
  • Building owners,
  • Executives,
  • Directors,
  • Sales professionals.

What You’ll Learn

It’s very simple!  You’ll learn Executive-level speaking and presentation delivery techniques and the mindset to apply them effectively.

How do Mindset and Public Speaking Skills Work Together?

In any environment in which you need to influence or persuade others, the three primary elements are belief, technique and content. Most business presenters have the content, few have the belief and the technique. This program delivers the belief and the technique.

In most mission-critical presentations your audience will be far more accepting of your content if they believe in you as the presenter first.

Without belief, not only in your message but in yourself as the messenger, any delivery techniques will fall short and be perceived as theatre by your audience which can cast doubt over your credibility.  In high-stakes presentations where real results are at stake, you absolutely must be able to deliver your message skillfully, and your delivery must be supported by an unshakeable belief in yourself and your message.

With the skills you’ll develop from this program you’ll be able to stand out, be confident and influence any audience.  You will learn how to:

  • develop an empowering belief system so that you can stand with confidence in front of any audience,
  • leverage your authentic personality to establish a personal connection with any audience,
  • simplify complex ideas and technical information so that it’s engaging and maintains impact,
  • effectively use voice, action, image and language; all without a single slide,
  • step away from the lectern and use the available space for maximum effect,
  • use body language that elevates the emotional impact of your message,
  • break away from pointless and damaging slides and create a powerful audience experience using just your words,
  • use only mission-critical slides; and use them properly,
  • know when to use stories and when NOT to use stories when you present,
  • increase your impact by simplifying your message to make it easy for your audience to absorb and apply.

Guest Facilitator, Jayne Blumenthal
The 7 Figure Mindset Mentor

Jayne Blumenthal is the only trainer offering her unique and specific combination of skills in the Ottawa area. She provides a powerful blend of training on fixed vs growth mindset combined with the “Wealth Dynamics” principles and her own unique principles to mindset mastery.

Having grown her own business from zero to over $11 million using these same principles, Jayne is uniquely qualified to deliver the mindset component of this training program.

What You WON’T Learn

This program is not about presentations; it’s about YOU and how you show up in front of an audience.  Here is what you won’t learn:

  • You won’t learn how to design Powerpoint slides.
  • You won’t learn how to use selling tactics.
  • You won’t learn the same basic public speaking skills other courses and clubs teach.

This program is all about your executive presence in front of an audience of any size.  It’s all about how you think, speak and perform while making business presentations. It’s all about being engaging, influential and persuasive as a presenter or speaker.


Speaking with influence, power and belief will position you as the expert or resource of choice.  You will become far more confident, persuasive and inspiring in front of any size of audience.  With your new high-impact speaking and presenting skills you will be able to:

  • speak and think with greater focus, clarity and purpose,
  • face any business situation or audience with confidence and control,
  • master your growth mindset and your own natural speaking style,
  • capitalize on your sense of humor and personality,
  • share your vision, mission or expertise with any audience at any time and do it with confidence and conviction,
  • be more persuasive, influential and inspiring in all situations,
  • enjoy the experience. Allow yourself to be natural, comfortable and authentic when you engage others on stage or off.


Your new growth mindset along with your high-impact speaking skills will effect any key performance indicators which are tied to results including:

  • increased sales,
  • higher stakeholder buy-in to your vision, mission or legacy message,
  • more influential management team,
  • improved corporate image,
  • more powerful personal image and credibility,
  • stronger corporate culture,
  • better employee engagement,
  • more effective meetings,
  • more motivated employees,
  • better team performance…and much more!

Part One Program Details

This is a two-day intensive training module in which you will learn the belief systems and platform skills required to deliver high-impact, professional and persuasive presentations.

With a maximum of 10 local participants, you will have the opportunity to receive personal attention and coaching to help you apply your new high-impact speaking skills.

Portions of this program can be recorded on video at your request and made available you for your resource library.

Part Two – Program Details

This is a one-day extension in which you will apply what you learned in level one.  You’ll come prepared to make two presentations.  You’ll present to the group at least twice and receive personal coaching on your delivery in order to help you master your executive presence in front of an audience.

Your presentations and coaching can be recorded on video at your request and you will receive a copy of your videos for future reference.  Rest assured that your presentation and any proprietary information will not be shared with anyone outside of the program.

In addition, you will receive a series of 6 recorded refresher lessons prior to the live event date in order to review the key concepts from the level one sessions.

Number of Participants: Maximum 10
Tuition: $12,250 plus hst per participant

BONUS: Send 2 participants and we’ll invite your CEO, other director or senior manager to attend the entire program as our guest

Payment Terms

All tuition must be paid in advance of the event.  Because of the limited number of seats available, seats are not confirmed until payment in full has been made.

Preferred methods of payment are as follows:

  1. eTransfer or bank transfer (details to be provided)
  2. Cheque
  3. Credit card (add 3% service charge)

To inquire about availability and registration, contact or

Financial Assistance May be Available for Ontario Clients

The Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant (COJG) may pay up to 70% of your training costs (to a total of $10,000 per trainee).

If your organization conforms to the employer eligibility section of the COJG and you or your staff comply with the following conditions, your training costs for this program will likely be covered up to 70% by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant:

Who qualifies for the grant?

All people who are: residents of Ontario and either a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person, and meet the eligibility requirements below, are eligible to participate in training funded through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Employed individuals must be identified by their employer.
  • Unemployed individuals must also be sponsored by an employer, demonstrated through a permanent or conditional offer of employment.
  • An individual must not be participating in full-time training or education or any other government training intervention that offers funding support for same tuition, books or other training related costs (e.g., Second Career).

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Contact us before submitting your application.  We can walk you through the application process and connect you with the right people to expedite your application.

To inquire about availability and registration to this training program, contact or