About Jayne Blumenthal

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I want my success story to be your success story too!

Back in 1991/92, both my husband and I lost our jobs in the garment industry. We were faced with two mortgages, we had two children to support from his former marriage, we had a baby and I was pregnant with twins.

It was an unbelievably scary time. Most people would have started desperately job-hunting but instead, I decided this was the perfect time to do what I had always REALLY wanted to do—start my own business. And of course everyone said I was insane, but there’s a little bit of craziness in most great entrepreneurs, right?

I quickly went into action; I raised a little start up capital and then jumped into building a garment business of my own called Creations BraJay.

The business was doing over $5 million within a few years and we were supplying garments to companies like Wal-Mart, K-mart and Sears.  Now, $5 million plus in a few short years is definitely commendable, but I knew we could serve our customers in a better, bigger way and make more money doing it.

Over the next 12 years, I tried everything I could in hopes of breaking through to the next level of success…but I never could.  Then something really cool happened. I went to a sales seminar and learned that there was such a thing as a Business Coach, and I realized right then and there that I needed one of those. I ended up finding the perfect coach who helped me create a BIG MONEY goal and strategize about how to get there.  And lo and behold, with her coaching my company actually did more than DOUBLE our business in the next year.

The business went from $5.5 million to beyond my $11 million goal.  How did I do that you might ask? I created an amazing “7-Figure Mindset Formula.”

This formula catapulted my big money goal into a big money reality.

After building an $11.4 million business from scratch, I walked away…to do what I really LOVE: which is teaching others the secrets that got me there—a formula that will work for anyone who has the desire and determination to achieve financial independence. And that’s what led me to coaching and teaching the success mindset.

I thrive on showing people the ins and outs of growing existing businesses exponentially through mindset. And unlike a lot of coaches, I’ve actually been there and done that, which is probably why I’ve had so many awesome success stories since I started coaching.

I make it possible for entrepreneurs, business owners and staff to play a much bigger game.  I hope you and I will be able to connect soon so that I can help make it all happen for you too!