SJL Worldwide Training Inc. is a partnership between  two trainers and speakers; Steve Lowell and Jayne Blumenthal.

Together, Steve and Jayne are recognized as a powerhouse couple who specialize in personal and professional development through mindset and high-impact speaking and presenting techniques.

Their combined experience represents over 50 years of business and training expertise.

Steve Lowell, CSP

Steve Lowell, CSP is the only trainer in the area who has the relevant experience required to deliver corporate presentations training at the level required by your staff.  In addition, he is the only trainer of such a program in the city who holds the “Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)” designation; a designation that distinguishes this program from all others.  He is also the 2017 National President-Elect of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a member of the Global Speaker Federation.

Steve’s program will help participants become far more confident, persuasive and inspiring when representing your firm as a presenter or speaker.

Outcomes include:

  • Speak and think with greater focus, clarity and purpose
  • Face any business situation or audience with confidence and control
  • Share your company’s vision and mission with any audience at any time and do it with confidence and conviction
  • Be more persuasive, influential and inspiring in all situations
  • Enjoy the experience. Allow themselves to be natural, comfortable and authentic when they engage others on stage or off.

Jayne Blumenthal

Jayne Blumenthal is the only trainer offering this specific combination of skills in the Ottawa area. None others are providing the fixed vs growth mindset, combined with the “Wealth Dynamics” principles and her own unique principles to mindset mastery.  In addition, no other trainer has the background and experience in this area equivalent to Jayne Blumenthal.  Having grown her own business from zero to over $11 million using these same principles, Jayne is uniquely qualified to deliver this training.

Through Jayne’s facilitated and guided training series, your staff will be involved in an education series that will assist individuals in the following areas:

  • Collaborative thinking as part of a Foundation team
  • Recognizing triggers that create obstacles to success
  • Innovative thinking with a learning mindset
  • Embracing challenges
  • Affirmation and gratitude for colleagues
  • Personal growth of each team member
  • Creating a culture of talent development
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Positivity
  • Self awareness